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Buenos Aires, Argentina – A Comparison of Urban Universities: University of Pittsburgh and Universidad de Belgrano

August 2009 – Urban universities across the world like to claim that their host city is the school’s campus, but what must a university do to succussfully create this healthy connection between student and city? This past year I’ve been a student at two urban universities, each introducing me to their respective cities in different ways. […]

Buenos Aires, Argentina – Urban Wall: The Influential Role of the Built Environment in Our Urban Lives

June 2009 – The Buenos Aires urban wall is painted with a European brush and styled with a South American stroke. The more antiquate regions of the city were modeled after European architecture so parts of the city look and feel like one of Western Europe’s older metropolises. Even as 20th century modernism began influencing the […]

Buenos Aires, Argentina – Parks and Plazas

June 2009 – Parks and plazas remedy the chaotic buzzing of urban life by providing a relaxed space for city dwellers to take a break from the action on the street and settle into a slower urban vibration. Buenos Aires is home to lavish parks and charming plazas where public life comes alive and fills the […]

Buenos Aires, Argentina – Cafés, Restaurants and Social Spaces

May 2009 – The rich and abundant restaurant and café culture in Buenos Aires is truly amazing. These social spaces stay open until the late hours of the night, providing an opportunity for social gathering all throughout the day and into the night. Pleasant cafes, charming restaurants, laid back drinkeries and festive dance halls – this […]

Buenos Aires, Argentina – Balconies

May, 2009 – The balcony offers us a space to reconnect with the outside world, a space for us to reach upwards toward the sky or downwards toward the action on the street, a space where our creativity isn’t held within the confines of four cornered rooms, and most importantly, a space to simply relax. The […]

Buenos Aires, Argentina – Transportation II: Redefining the Role of Automobiles in Our Cities

April, 2009 – To compliment my previous essay about public transportation in Buenos Aires, I’ve attached this New York Times article about a carless suburb in Germany. The classic suburban imagery cultivated in the second half of the twentieth century is proving to be an unsustainable model for human growth and needs to evolve to become […]

Buenos Aires, Argentina – Transportation I: Finding Liberation Through Urban Mobility

April, 2009 – An effective transportation system shouldn’t simply move people about the city – it should aspire to create a deeper sense of mobility and freedom within the lives of urban citizens. Developing a reliable transportation system to move, manage and mobilize its citizens is an important task for any successful city and I think […]