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Medellin, Colombia — Dignified Neighborhoods, Paisa Pride and Pablo Escobar

March, 2015 — Pride and dignity are rarely considered the driving forces behind successful cities, but in Medellin´s case, pride and dignity propelled a sprawling South American metropolis from a dark and dangerous past to a bright and secure future. Just over two decades ago, Medellin was considered the most dangerous city in the world­; yet […]

Cartagena, Colombia – Shade: The Ultimate Magistrate of Urban Space in Tropical Cities

November 2014 – In tropical countries where the sun’s radiance is most intense, shade becomes a precious commodity, coveted by all who are below it. Shade provides relief and protection from the relentless assault of the midday sun. Shade makes a sidewalk bearable for walking, a bus stop tolerable for waiting and a park accessible […]

Cartagena, Colombia – Art and the City

May 2014 – Anesthesia numbs the body by obstructing sensory perception. The banalities of daily routine induce this same detached effect, as if we’re living everyday life under a steady dose of anesthesia that numbs our awareness of the surrounding world. Colombian artist Oswaldo Maciá introduces this topic in his piece for the The International […]

Cartagena, Colombia – The Role of Security in Our Urban Centers

March 2014 – Cartagena offers visitors two distinct urban dreams – the fantasy of the historic Spanish colonial city center and the fantasy of the Miami style, beach-front luxury hotels and condominiums in Boca Grande. Whether it’s the vibrant colors and breezy courtyards of a renovated Spanish colonial mansion or the straight edges and glass […]

Cartagena, Colombia – Urban Rhythms II: Music, Dance and Tumbao

February 2013 – In the first Urban Rhythms essay I wrote about how we can find more harmony with our urban surroundings by tuning into the particular frequencies emanated by the cities we find ourselves in. I mentioned the influential role of Buddhist temples in calming the pace of life in Chiang Mai, Thailand and […]