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Chiang Mai, Thailand – Transportation III: Buddhism and Motorbike Culture in Southeast Asia

April 2013 – The motorbike isn’t just a vehicle in Southeast Asia, it’s a way of life and a source of livelihood. With incredible ingenuity, the people of Southeast Asia creatively remodel their motorbikes to fit the needs of their everyday lives by transforming them into mobile restaurants, into informal shops and even into freight […]

Chiang Mai, Thailand – Human Settlements II: Cultivating Healthy Habits in Our Cities

January 2013 – In the first Human Settlements essay I claimed that in our rapidly urbanizing world, the habits of our cities will become the habits of our human species – the city as a reflection of ourselves and ourselves as a reflection of the city. In this second Human Settlements essay I’d like to […]

Chiang Mai, Thailand – Human Settlements I: Housing Developments and Sprawl

July 2012 – One of my favorite aspects of the Thai neighborhood is its unplanned, organic nature. The way old and new designs, modern and traditional  lifestyles all seem to instinctively unravel upon the urban landscape. Both the built environment and life within appear to follow a sort of informal rhythm that gives the neighborhoods a […]

Chiang Mai, Thailand – Urban Rhythms I: Buddhist Temples

May 2012 – Throughout human history, life in urban settlements has always seemed to move at a faster pace than life in the country side. There is something exciting about the gathering of people and the sharing of ideas that seems to quicken the way we perceive time. Urban rhythms come in many forms and cities […]

Chiang Mai, Thailand – Water Kiosks and Songkran

April 2012 – Access to clean water is a topic of conversation in every community across the world but the urgency of the discussion is always more immediate in developing countries. Thailand is rapidly rising on the global spectrum of national development where countries ascend and descend according to their level of  development and progress towards […]

Chiang Mai, Thailand – Escaping to Nature: Rekindling the Relationship Between City and Nature

March 2012 – Some of the most beautiful and enlightening moments in life occur when we find ourselves immersed in nature yet life upon the urban playground holds a magic of it’s own as well. In our ever urbanizing world, the task of striking a balance between nature and urban is becoming increasingly more relevant. As […]

Chiang Mai, Thailand – Polluted Skies

March 2012 – At some point in the middle of February, an intense wave of agricultural burning pollutes the normally beautiful skies of Northern Thailand. The rainy season arrives in May so rural farmers are preparing their fields by burning and clearing the land. A popular mushroom that grows from the forest ashes and sells […]