January 2014 – Our cities, much like our personal lives, are a blend of private and public, internal values and external manifestations. This complex dance between private and public transforms our urban landscapes into open stages for the theatre of our civic lives. The particularly fascinating form of urban theatrics that takes place within the […]

November 2013 – Constant media attention on the horrendous state of Beijing’s air quality tends to overshadow the positive aspects of life in China’s capital city. Intensely cold temperatures and stifling air pollution give Beijing residents every reason to stay home and hibernate during the long winter months. Instead, a lively outdoor urban culture springs […]

October 2013 – A great deal of human wisdom and ingenuity is lost when a language becomes extinct. As our world becomes increasingly more connected, the globe’s most spoken languages will absorb our regional languages and we risk losing the knowledge embedded within each disappearing language. This same paradigm exists for our human built environments. […]

October 2013 – A university neighborhood isn’t defined simply by the assortment of student housing and local businesses that spring up to satisfy student needs. A university neighborhood is a playground for the student experience, a sanctuary for an era of personal growth and a dynamic space for collaboration. Indeed, university campuses serve the same […]

October 2013 – Gardens by the Bay is Singapore’s major water front development that flaunts all the grandeur we’d expect from a world class city. The vast development is home to a major hotel with an enormous rooftop infinity pool, two conservatories by the names of Cloud Forest and Flower Dome, a shopping center, a […]

October 2013 – The Phillipines is largely a Christian nation as a result of nearly three hundred years of Spanish occupation followed by a hundred more years of American presence. Language and culture, in addition to religion, are also by products of colonialism. Tagalog, the official language of the Philippines along with English, is heavily […]

October 2013 – This post is intended to highlight three elements of the Vietnamese urban landscape through a combination of photography and written commentary. Public Space The streets are alive in Hanoi. Public life in Vietnam’s northern capital is teaming with endless action from the frenzied mosaic of motor vehicles to the small shops, cafes […]