Dutch Floating Bicycle Roundabout

November 2015 – Visitors to the Netherlands will quickly notice that very few Dutch cyclists wear helmets. According to the Dutch, the global masters of bikeway planning, safety for cyclists has little to do with foam helmets and everything to do with the physical layout of the road. The Dutch believe that a safe transit […]

October 2015 – While many believe having children means trading in two wheels for four wheels, two pedals for four cylinders, the Danish opt to remain seated over two spoked wheels and a handle bar. Three wheels is the luxury option. Copenhagen is famous among European cities for its unwavering commitment to the bicycle. The […]

March, 2015 — Pride and dignity are rarely considered the driving forces behind successful cities, but in Medellin´s case, pride and dignity propelled a sprawling South American metropolis from a dark and dangerous past to a bright and secure future. Just over two decades ago, Medellin was considered the most dangerous city in the world­; yet […]

November 2014 – In tropical countries where the sun’s radiance is most intense, shade becomes a precious commodity, coveted by all who are below it. Shade provides relief and protection from the relentless assault of the midday sun. Shade makes a sidewalk bearable for walking, a bus stop tolerable for waiting and a park accessible […]

May 2014 – Anesthesia numbs the body by obstructing sensory perception. The banalities of daily routine induce this same detached effect, as if we’re living everyday life under a steady dose of anesthesia that numbs our awareness of the surrounding world. Colombian artist Oswaldo Maciá introduces this topic in his piece for the The International […]

March 2014 – Cartagena offers visitors two distinct urban dreams – the fantasy of the historic Spanish colonial city center and the fantasy of the Miami style, beach-front luxury hotels and condominiums in Boca Grande. Whether it’s the vibrant colors and breezy courtyards of a renovated Spanish colonial mansion or the straight edges and glass […]

February 2014 – In the first Urban Rhythms essay I wrote about how we can find more harmony with our urban surroundings by tuning into the particular frequencies emanated by the cities we find ourselves in. I mentioned the influential role of Buddhist temples in calming the pace of life in Chiang Mai, Thailand and […]